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12-04-2011, 09:52 AM
Originally Posted by matteo716 View Post
Apparently TSI are *******s for wanting to heal their teammates.

That is all.

Brought to you by Mai Kai the Needs to Lose More Pounds Guy.
Originally Posted by startrekfan View Post
Yesterday during c&h match my klingon team caught player from - as they called themselves "top STO fleet" - on using warp plasma. It's nothing weird right? But he was in Intrepid! Yeah, yeah, yeah he was using " 2 commandors" exploit. Everything is documented.

When I asked him about that publicly, he admitted that this is true and that he found this exploit by accident after new patch. He swore that it was 1st time. Maybe if he used less visible power like EP to Shields 3, AUX to SIF 3, I bet no one would notice nothing.
Healing each other are cool. Doing it with 2 commanders are not. Kicking cheaters out of your fleet is the best.