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12-04-2011, 12:46 PM
Comparing WoW PVE raid requirements and faction grinding to STO is a far stretch. 40 man raids waiting for a select piece of gear that is for your class and then hoping you have enough "DKP" to get it vs. running 3 lame STF's for a set is like apples to oranges. Or even the old PvP grind in WoW to Grand Marshall took a long, long time.

Not too mention you can still be competetive without the Borg set. One of the things I actually enjoy with STO is the fact you can go away from the game for relative extended periods of time and still be able to PvP competetively. I'm not looking to convince anyone of anything but I'll take the moneyline on betting SWOR is going to be very similar to the WoW model. Good, bad, whatever, it is what it is. If that style of game is what you are looking for then I'm sure it will be a blast.