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12-04-2011, 01:09 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99

Sandbox games are to MMO snobs what French art films are to film snobs or amazingly pungent foods are to foodies.

It's either bad meat or good cheese...

On the topic at hand, I fell both have something to gain from the other. I'm not saying take the two and mash them together, but elements of each could exist in the same game. Player/community driven content will only satisfy for so long but the same is true of grind. When you can do something until you exhaust it or tire of it then move on to something different in the same game, you're much less likely to quit for a new experiance elsewhere. If the are enough facets of the game that you can move from one to the other you'll end up going in cycles through that content, returning to something that may have bored you before because you've had a break from it. Or you can do it all in tandem with each other and have it last much longer.

However, raising the level cap, adding new grinds for new shinies and harder content to use those shinies in only lasts for so long and avid MMOers will burn through it faster than it can be made. Give them something else to do while you make the new content and they'll stick around while they wait.

Themed sandbox's, thats the ideal for me...