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Originally Posted by Cowbert View Post
This is more or less how it works now. Flying in the T1 ship was taking way too long to move up to T2 and T3 before F2P. T3 was about equal to T4, but T4 was more or less pretty useless as a ship class imo, I was always trying to just get enough SP to get the T5 ship before going back to mopping up cardassian missions. T5 is endgame ships, so in a sense it's eternal, at least until T5 + 1 ships come out on the C-Store. Finally, silver players need to grind dil for T4+ ships (or use the c-points -dil exchange); gold players get 1 T4 and 1 T5 ship for free (and don't get me started on the VA token because you're only "being deprived" of the 3 vanity VA ships on fed side and 2 on the KDF side - I could care less about those).
You didn't understand what I had in mind.

Granted I didn't explain all that well.

Let's call the old progression for "normal".

Tier 1 = 0.5 * normal
Tier 2 = normal
Tier 3 = twice the rime to level Tier 2
Tier 4 = twice the time to level Tier 3
Tier 5 = twice the time to level Tier 4
Tier 6 = twice the time to level Tier 5

The lack of content in this model isn't a problem as this game is a grindfest anyway.