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12-04-2011, 02:31 PM
Originally Posted by monkeydude1969
Is it just me or do these SUCK?

I really wanted the 4 part Borg ship set and managed to get the assimilated console pre update. However now those 3 missions have been split into 6 parts. I finished ` infected` ground and space and got 1 EDC. I then find out to get 1 part of the borg set will cost me 15 EDCs. So I now have to run each whole mission 45 times to get what would have taken 3 runs before.?

Welcome to grind city. Not quite what I had pictured for an exciting new update..

Oh and I just LOVE the new 1 hour BAN for quitting the STF after the Boss on `cure` jumped up and down on our collective heads for the Nth time. I mean it's not like I am running round with level 1 gear although I may as well of been tbh....
Also, just wanted to say, pretty sure each of the old Borg tech is only 5 ECD each, so that's a total of 15 ECD for all 3. Each old STF is now 2 STFs, so really, you get 2 ECD for where you would have gotten a tech in the old stfs.

So it only takes you 2.5x as long to get the gear you are referring to