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12-04-2011, 03:17 PM
if each mission had multiple optionals, people would drop when any optional hadnt been met, and just start a new one, and they would whine that no one knows how to play them...sometimes i myself feel that way when no one tries to do the optional....infection ground comes to mind.

and yeah, you could only play each one once to get your new set gear-but you would be extremely lucky...the old set gear is 5 each, and you could get 2 each run, and at least one, so its less than 15 runs to get them. when you have a lot of people trying to max out dilithium, doing 15 runs is about right in a day...(did the math, roughly...interesting)

but yeah the new set gear...its rough. and it seems like the deflector never drops, along with the ground pieces...the tokens for the set items should always drop from the optional, it doesnt. got my shield and engine from the reward for finishing them.