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12-04-2011, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by Walshicus
No. The cap is fine and works.

We can all agree that more content is needed - though I still haven't managed to get through everything that Season 5 brought in through the Defera Invasion - but that has nothing to do with this economic decision.

People amassed Energy Credits too fast. Plain and simple. By keeping a tight grip on the amount of Dilithium in the economy, it functions better and can be more easily managed.

The average player will not earn more than 8,000 dilithium in one sitting. I've started playing STFs about four times a day now - between an hour and two hours at a time. Probably 90% of players now and in future will play for this long or less. The cap doesn't affect them. It *does* affect those edge cases who can spend 8 hours a day amasing dilithium ore.

Even the guy who gets binges one day a week and then doesn't play for days is covered - dilithium ore is automatically refined for up to a week after your last play.

No, it's done to make highest-end gear an accomplishment rather than just a consequence of casual play.
Controlling the economy? You must be joking- have you seen the prices of purple mk 11 weapons on the exchange? Season 5 has driven them through the roof. To be honest what good is dilithium anyway? You can't buy purple mk 12 gear with it- for that you have to grind & grind away on the recycled stf missions. If I could get my money back from these jokers I would.