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# 4 Mission progressin
12-04-2011, 05:04 PM
The mission progression as it was prior to season 5 was more balanced. Much more friendly to lower end players and did not limit mission progression by forcing players to replay some of the less desirable missions. Under the old system there was a forward progression of the story line. Placing the weekly missions higher in the progression tree is a mistake. Why would I want to do Breen missions after going to Borg space? The Breen and Reman rewards belong in the lower end. These rewards are worth replaying as one would progress through the ranks and allows for accumulation of XP toward progression. I completely disagree how things are now. Allow the players the options they had under the old system. This change had caused myself and a number of “hard core” STO fans I know to consider seeking another MMO. What about all the other problems identified under the Tribble test server? Like the mystery mail notifications? The new Nerfing of the skill points? Yes I have read the complaints and DEV responses, I am aware of the intent. It is still nerfed. The old system had a specialization that has been lost. STO seems to lack the polish needed and it certainly seems testing feed back goes ignored. How many unneeded cosmetic changes were there to the Duty Officer system? On the plus side, if you can finally leave the Duty officer system as is, a win.