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12-04-2011, 04:25 PM
Originally Posted by psychogobstopper
There is no such thing as "soft" or "de facto" canon in Trek. Ask one of the novel authors* if their novel is in any manner "canon" whatsoever, and they will tell you that is absolutely not. If it was a produced, aired television series or movie, it is canon. If it is a licensed work, it is not canon. It's that simple.

(* Seriously, go ahead. Several authors post on the Trek Literature forum at TrekBBS. This "soft canon" nonsense comes up regularly there, and they all shoot it down.)
Thanks, saved me a lot of writing...
I hate that "soft canon" nonsense.

Originally Posted by MrJ
Canon or not, whether you read them or not, the novels are all we have left of Star Trek. There is no new TV series in sight. STO is circling the drain, and when it dies it will be the end of Star Trek video games.
Thats, pitifully, true too.
But I can enjoy the novels WITHOUT calling them canon.
In fact, I can even enjoy them more... because there are some IMO very bad ones among them (In my opinion, knowing its not the public one.... the Destiny novels are awfull as hell) and I would actually loose my intrest in STar Trek if I had to consider that crap canon...
Although... Generations is conon too

All that's left is the J.J. Abrams reboot movies.
Oh I thought you talked about Star Trek... what has that abrahams movie to do with... oh yes the title, fogrot about that.

If the next movie is profitable there will probably only be one more in the current continuity. Then Paramount will just reboot it all over again, and Star Trek will become like James Bond and Batman. 40 years from now there will be 5 different actors who played Kirk since Shatner. People will debate on the internet which actor was the best Khan, like they do now for the best Joker. And the version of Star Trek that lasted from 1966 to 2009 will be completely forgotten about except for the novels.
I do not think there will be more reboots.
Star Trek was better while develping further instead of resarting it. The reboot hardly worked and wont work a second time.

Also: the whole "Spacetravel" kind of science fiction genre isnt really working any more in general... its not just star trek..
Remember in the 90s where you couldnt see ANYTHING but sci fi? b5, ususally 2 Star Trek series, Stargate, Farscape, Andromeda, Lexx...
Today? Nothing left. There is not ONE show running that I am aware of.

As for Sisko, I will say again, it doesn't make any kind of sense for him to return after almost 35 years. Either have him return a few months after he left, like what happened in the books, only he spent the last 20 or so years living a quite life on Bajor. Or not have him return at all.
As far as I know Sisko was supposed to be gone for good anyway... it was just Avery Brooks who didnt want the people thinking "Oh a black man leaving his pregant wife" who refused to play it unless that gets changed....
But that kind of attitude is something I never liked about Brooks...