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12-04-2011, 07:57 PM
Lieutenant's log, Stardate 89531.68 (12-04-2011 20:35:31)

As explained by Lieutenant Commander Egg, which he explained was something to do with Egghead scientists, we were told to go to Memory Alpha in the Alpha Centauri sector block. As this was a milk run mission to drop of some biological data to Commander Romaine, we should be back in touch with Admiral Quinn very soon.

Lieutenant Valient, out.

Lieutenant's log, Supplemental.

Commander Romaine was very nice in the discussion of the biological data that Lieutenant Commander Egg sent me to drop off. When she discussed how Research and Development was started and what I can do to help, I politely declined. I'm not one to study the data and create new parts for use. I'll let some of the other Captain's and Admirals order that.

For now, I'll stick with getting my orders from Admiral Quinn and Commander Williams. I wonder what's going on over at Earth Spacedock now?

Lieutenant Valient, out.

Lieutenant's log, Supplemental.

Speak of the devil and they appear. Admiral Quinn has contacted me about the the Klingon listening post that we discovered. Seems like that Starfleet doesn't like the fact that they're being eavesdropped on and asked the Macross to investigate. We're heading towards the Bomari System to track down this signal repeater and destroy it.

Tala and Fernando are ready to go, Tynza is still working with Commander Romaine about some of our samples we found all ready. We'll leave Memory Alpha when she's finished.

Lieutenant Valient, out.

Lieutenant's log, Stardate 89531.80

We arrived at Bomari and found a repeater for the signals coming from it. However it is being guarded by several Klingon Birds of prey. Before we proceeded, Ensign Tala suggested that we use the asteroids magnetic fields to hide from the Klingon patrols. As I wanted to get in and out of there as quickly as possible, I belayed that order and told the Conn to increase speed to full impulse. One group of ships found us and attacked us directly. Fearing they might alert the other patrols, we attacked with a vengeance and destroyed all three ships in a short amount of time. Tala then scanned the repeater and found the listening post between the binary moons of Bomari II. We will warp there and complete our mission.

Lieutenant Valient, out.

Lieutenant's log, Supplemental.

The Undine have done it again. Instead of a Federation Ambassador, they've infiltrated the Klingon listening outpost we were sent to destroy. When we arrived at Bomari II there were several transport inhibitors to stop us from beaming into the facility. This time I took a cautious approach and informed Tala we were only striking out at the inhibitors. The Klingons patrolling the area did not attack us first, and I want to stop the bloodshed if I can. So we snuck towards each inhibitor and firing two torpedoes at them, along with Tala's modifications to increase the explosions of the warheads. Each one detonated in a nice explosion. Once the inhibitors were down we beamed down to the facility.

We saw places we could begin setting spacial charges at, and I began to do so, when Fernando began heading to the next area and take care of another spacial charge. I swear, I am going to send him to tactical classes with Tala after this is all over. The damned idiot ran into a room full of Klingons and what did they do? Started attacking him and seeing if there was more! Luckily Tala and Tynza were able to assist and stun the rest of the Klingons before they alerted the whole facility.

We secured the rest of the spacial charges, only killing 7 more Klingons in the process. Tala then informed me that we should go ahead and up-link the computer cores to the Macross like the last facility before destroying them. A good thought and removed the rest of the Klingons in the center of the room. I think the Klingons on the left side of the room were very intently watching their screens, or had their ears covered to not hear the battle that was going on. Tynza began to link up the cores when an ambush of Klingons came and tried to stop us. As we defeated the Commander, he changed shape into the Undine and beamed off the facility onto their ship.

The Macross plotted it's warp path into an asteroid field. Apparently the Klingons were more interested in the Undine then us, as they only left a Raptor Escort ship to defend the facility. We beamed back on board and destroyed the escort before following the rest of the Klingons to the battle site where we all focused our firepower into getting rid of the Undine dreadnaught.

We took some minor plasma damage across the hull, nothing a few days to buff out if the hull plates are too damaged, but we made it out in one piece.

Klingon Commander R'az from his battleship hailed us, stating that because we helped them in destroying the Undine, he'd let us go, but we were to watch out next time, just not as politely as I put it.

Tala had a snarl on her face at that fact, but plotted a course out of the Bomari system. We will relay our finding with Starfleet Intelligence right away, along with the data we gathered.

Tala also found an upgrade to our phaser relays during our skirmish. I'm letting her work on the phasers with Fernando to increase their current output.

Lieutenant Valient, out.

Quest: Scientific Mandate - Complete, Stop the Signal - Complete
Ship: ShiKahr Class - Light Cruiser
Name: U.S.S. Macross
Weapons: Phaser Beam Array Standard x2, Photon Torpedo x1
Deflector: Deflector Array, Standard
Impulse: Impulse Engine, Standard
Shield: Resilient Shield Array Mk I
Current Consoles:
Engineering: Console - Engineering - Diburnium Hull Plating Mk I
Science: Console - Science - Graviton Generator Mk I
Tactical: Console - Tactical - Phaser Relay Mk II
Current Bridge Officers:
Ensign Tactical Slot: Tala
Tactical Skills: Torp, HY 1 lvl 5, Photon Grenade 1 lvl 2
Ensign Science Slot: Tynza Esryb
Science Skills: TSS I lvl 4, Tachyon Harmonic I lvl 4
Ensign Engineer Slot: Fernando Mitch Opstein
Engineer Skills: EPtW lvl 4, Mine Barrier I lvl 1
Current Capt. Skills: Starship Weapons Training lvl 7, Starship Batteries lvl 7, Starship Hull Repair lvl 8, Starship Shield Emitters lvl 5

EC: 10
Refined Dilithium: 94
GPL: 0

(AN: Had to respec with the Season 5 Changes, so here is the new change, including Dilithium and skills.)