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12-04-2011, 08:59 PM
Lieutenant's log, Stardate - 89531.90 (12/4/2011 22:25:30)

Admiral Quinn requsted that we check out the Kassae system in the Regulus Sector block. They seem to have lost communications with the science station there and need a ship to check it out. Natually as the Macross was close by Quinn asked us to proceed.

When we got there, we found the Gorn attacking the station. We destroyed their ships in space around the station and beamed down to it. Once on the station, we realized that the damage was heavy and there were fires all over the station. Most of the research scientists had escaped but there were a few more who were trapped by the fires. The suppression system was destroyed in the initial attack run by the Gorn so we had to make due with the manual suppression tanks.

Once we beamed the surviors onto the Macross, they stated that they also had some people at the dig site at Kassae IV. We warped there and Tala tried to communicate with the site, however there were a few Gorn ships powering their weapons. We cleared the two ships out and beamed down to the site itself.

Tynza saw that the main building had a shield around the site and we couldn't scan inside. We found the three generators and took them out with minimal effort. As we reached the center building, a few Gorn were in the way. We attacked them and cleared them out so we could get to the Captain inside.

I've never seen a Gorn so huge before. This beast was over 12 feet high and three times wide as I am. And he came charging at me! Still if it wasn't for Fernando, Tala and Tynza I probably would be in sickbay for longer than I am now. I just managed to dodge one boulder thrown at me, when a second one caught my leg, almost crushing it. Still the Gorn disappared and we beamed up after him.

The Macross was ready and we set course to intercept him, disabling his engines and beaming the scientists on board. We contacted Starfleet to let them know what was happening, and Admiral Quinn himself to send a few ships to protect the scientists as the Gorn are starting to spread out and try to reclaim their old systems.

For now, we're ok. And we also picked up a new crew member from the site as well. Ensign Tordurag, I can't pronouce his name, so we call him Tor. He's a Pakled and found a way to stabalize our ships shields when we need it. A simple process that doesn't require extra resources aside from the science crews rerouting the shields through the warp core to boost them up.

The S.S. Azura II met up with us and we were able to sell off some unwanted items, getting some energy credits we desperately needed. Maybe Tala will stop badgering me about upgrading the weapons systems on board, since Ambassador Quinn felt we needed an upgrade after the last mission and sent us a better Phaser array. I'll sit with her on the next upgrade process when we get to station K-7.

We're headed to Regulus IV to meet with Lieutenant Miral Paris to assist with the Klingon Peace talks. Maybe this will be a simple escort mission and nothing will happen.

Lieutenant Valient, out

Lieutenant's log, Supplemental.

As always, every single escort mission is a complete mis-representitive of how easy it seems. Murphy must me laughing at me.

When we arrived at Regulas IV, the Orions had blocked off all communications to the planet. Removing the ships were easy, however when we beamed down, Lt. Paris was there to meet us. She explained why she was reassigned from the U.S.S. Kirk because of her interesting genetics and how she saved some pilgrams in the Delta Quadrent. After doing some studies on it, I can see why some Klingons would think she is their savior.

Still we found out that a Klingon named B'Vat was behind the attack and was setting up to destroy the peace talks using spacial charges. Seeing as Klingon spacial charges are easy to defuse, we went ahead and removed the squads surrounding the charges, helping collonists that were in need of help. Tor was able to save all of them that were injured, while Fernando assisted me with the charges. Once we took care of them Lt. Paris suggested that we head inside, because B'Vat said he was waiting for a worthy opponent. Apparently that seemed to me myself.

After freeing the Diplomats from the terrorists, the Macross sent data to Tala, who found that there were more warbirds arriving. We beamed back up to the ship and I had Fernando put all power to the weapons, destroying both three ship flights.

Ambassador Kas of the Klingon High Council congradulated me on performing well, but not as well as one of them. Yet he knew what was going on with B'Vat and suggested that we work together. Once B'Vat arrived, we started to wear down his shields, and saw that we were about to destroy him when he warped out of the system. Damn Klingon *******! I swear when I get a chance I'll get rid of him. For now we're heading back to Earth Spacedock and Starfleet Academy to pick up recruits. We'll see how they handle day to day ship operations.

I promised Tala I'd visit for a duty roster update and assignments. I believe it's also going to be Bolian food this time.

Lieutenant Valient, out

Quest: Researcher Rescue - Complete, The Kuvah'Magh - Complete
Ship: ShiKahr Class - Light Cruiser
Name: U.S.S. Macross
Weapons: Phaser Beam Array Standard x 1, Photon Torpedo x1, Phaser Beam Array Mk II [Acc] x1
Deflector: Deflector Array, Standard
Impulse: Impulse Engine, Standard
Shield: Resilient Shield Array Mk I
Current Consoles:
Engineering: Console - Engineering - Diburnium Hull Plating Mk I
Science: Console - Science - Graviton Generator Mk I
Tactical: Console - Tactical - Phaser Relay Mk II
Current Bridge Officers:
Ensign Tactical Slot: Tala
Tactical Skills: Torp, HY 1 lvl 5, Photon Grenade 1 lvl 2
Ensign Science Slot: Tynza Esryb
Science Skills: TSS I lvl 4, Tachyon Harmonic I lvl 4
Ensign Engineer Slot: Fernando Mitch Opstein
Engineer Skills: EPtW lvl 4, Mine Barrier I lvl 1
Current Capt. Skills: Starship Weapons Training lvl 7, Starship Batteries lvl 7, Starship Hull Repair lvl 8, Starship Shield Emitters lvl 7, Away Team Leader - Engineer Officers lvl 2

Away Team:
Skills: Photon Genade I lvl 4
Skills:Mine Barrier I lvl 1
Skills: Tachyon Harmonic I lvl 4
Skills: Hypospray-Dylovene I lvl 3

EC: 612
Refined Dilithium: 94
GPL: 0