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12-04-2011, 09:31 PM
Originally Posted by Marctraider View Post
I'd say this whole skill tree is another rush, because apparently not all abilities are individually being looked at and bound to the proper skill and how the effects of the new skillings are.. Rediculous.

Descriptions for the Skilltree is idiotic and do not explain enough, same bullsh*t like before; Examples include: *2 abilities defined here* (And ofcourse alot of other skills are affected but you will have to figure that out by yourself)
I would like to know how much my weapons crits are buffed when speccing for a tier 5 skill that would supposedly buff it, we arent even sure if it works if we dont get any information at all. I understand these new F2P noobs want a ESD hotel with pretty signs that would even work for demented people, but seriously come on.

Even the 'Show Contributions to' functionality only works on a few abilities now, some are just not included in the list now, captain abilities, some boff abilities. Why? is it too hard for the F2P'ers to understand this sh*t? Its like the expect new players with low intelligence level or something, my g0d.

They didnt even take the effort of keeping the abilities somewhat similar to pre-season 5 stats or effectiveness, look at TSS, TBR, FBP, etc. Alot of them are just buggy and are just unforseen consequences by the devs and a lack of proper testing.

And every new 'Season' we get the same rushed ******** over and over again. I'd rather wanted to wait til 17th of January with some proper content and revamps rather then broken crap.
Some aspects of the skill tree are actually pretty good, but if its all borked and broken like this **** its just no good effort. Again PVP is half ruined and ****ted upon. Like usual.

I'd say we need we deserve a new respec token or 2 because of these malfunctions in the tree and what not.
I've actually found that looking at science consoles via the information button when you right click give invaluable information on what skill tree powers effect what powers. It's still incomplete but more complete then the skill tree disruption itself