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Originally Posted by Katic View Post
Is that truly better? Or is it simply faster?

What has gear acquisition been like?
How much Dilithium does that alt have?
Did any of it come from trading your stipend (if you've gotten it) and how much (estimate) from Doff Assignments and grinding?
What ships are you using, and how did you acquire them?
Gear acquisition all gear from the featured episode reruns / normal and story missions gear.
not fully geared but mostly doable. some officers might have lower shiealds and armor than my rank is but works fine.

Dilithium 239 at captain 9
all dilithium came from DOFF
only story missions / featured episodes that we had before ( devian breen u know the drill )
standard ships Miranda, the odd looking ship, and Nebula , Intrepid normal no c store.
3 st ships was for energy credit. last ship Intrepid no c store was from token.

i wasent derailing the topic just voiceing my concerns that we dont have va tokens its a big issue.