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12-04-2011, 09:44 PM
Originally Posted by Varlo
I was gonna say you've been robbed, having only 230ish dilithium at that rank, but you may not know you can get 1000+ dilithium per run for doing the mirror universe fleet action.
problem is many of those events run on times i dont play.

i have very limited play time and as such i find it very bad we dont get dilithium from any kind of play no matter what we do.

i dont wanna do dailys to get it i wanna do it in my pace and story mode.

wich is why the dilithium system is very unfair atm.

i used to play aloot and did dailys day in and day out but i cant anymore therefor i think that instead of doing daily for dilithium why not give it for story missions ?

same time you spend on a daily u spend on a story mission.
only diffrence is your doing something new for a change.

dailys are always the same.

story missions are diffrent.

but both should reward dilithium its equal time spent.

anyways thats how my toon is and as i see it i will never have dilithium for a va ship. or gear for that matter.