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12-05-2011, 01:29 AM
In addition to all of the points mentioned in this thread, the basic design of the tree was flawed completely in my opinion.

Feedback was given and ignored yet again.

All the powers that effect healing in the lower tiers and damage powers in high tiers, wtf why?

Basic FvK gameplay is that feds rely on healing and defensive, Klingons rely on damage and offensive.
Feds defend, Klingons attack. Either Klingons knock down the fort or we fail and its over.

Skill tree changes saw almost all defensive powers like heals go to lower tiers which benefit fed game play more than klingon, Shockwave stun duration took a nerf , not that it needed it as you can now eng and sci team while stunned, which is retarded. Brel took a massive nerf with these changes, all while defiant gets buffed with extra console slot making it completely outclass the already useless raptor.
Can't get consoles to buff stuns duration anymore but i can get consoles that make my TSS and extends even more epically retarded than they are.

Tac shockwave bop is now impossible to spec as good as before, while federation heal boat all beam cruiser is easy as F**K to spec.
Fed gameplay doesn't need high spike to achieve victory, while klingon gameplay it is a requirement.
Spike got nerfed and healing got buffed.

The change removing weapon type skills was pointless as non specific energy type consoles took a nerf, which means you need to run all of the same energy weapon type.

Summing up, in my opinion all the changes suck and anyone who says otherwise lacks an in depth understanding of the FvK PVP game, which sadly includeds the devs.

Just like in every build of STO, all the pathetic must win players switch out their builds for flavor of the month cheese. In season 5 its no different, With certain players loading up on duty officer multi grav wells, epic repulsors and insta kill FBP. Torpedo spread is no long flavor of the month, due to its nerfing.

PVP in STO is a complete and utter joke and only good for pugging cheesefests. Premade vs premade is long dead due to the broken and imblanced game and don't get me started on the V word.

TOR coming soon and hopefully end game PVP is balanced around player feedback and extensive dev playtesting unlike this game.