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12-05-2011, 04:10 AM
Originally Posted by marika.shran View Post
I think it's Google translate and not a real human translating those texts. Sorry.
No, you don't need Google Translate to get that kind of results.

Imagine you're a translator. You're not a software developer nor a Trekkie.

Then someone gives you a list of texts you have to translate that look like this:

"Infected Ground"
"Cure Space (normal)"

How are you supposed to know that there is a mission called "Infected" and this is the "ground part"? So you assume it means some ground that is infected (whatever that's supposed to be).

It is kinda weird that they translate cane with "Rohr" (tube, duct) and Cure with "Regenerieren" (regenerate). I don't think this is something Google Translate or similar automatic translation tools would do. (In fact, Google Translate specifically doesn't yield these results.)

The problem to me seems they have hired translators that are not familar with the material. And that always leads to bad translations.