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12-05-2011, 08:18 AM
Humm, well lets see.. I've made 75 STF runs as of the maintainence shut down this morning..
I've slid various and assorted Mk X and Mk XI blue and purple consoles and weapons into my fleets bank, vendored all the engines, shields and deflector arrays. And any item common and uncommon items. I know its so digusting and all that, but just from vendoring what I consider trash I'm sitting on 2 mil EC. Got about 7k Dilithium ore I'm sitting on past my refining limits at this point (maybe more.. I'm not really paying it that much attention) I've got the full assimilated borg ship set, the KDF Honor Guard Mk-XI pulsewave assult rifle plus 14 data chips, I've cashed in 14 rare borg salvage for various and assort ground gear and ships weapons. And I even manages to get a common Borg engin tech thingy. Yea ya know, it could be a little richer but the drops aren't bad. Some missions they great.. other run it seems nothing drops.

You run alot of them you'll get the loot. I will have the Mk XI KDF Honor guard ground and space set. After that I'll start working on the Mk XII gear. I've gotten plenty of drops.. and thats even with the ocasional ninja looter. I personally would like to see need or greed dispensed with, and have it be roll or pass. Be nice if the bonus obective loot were a bit more lucrative. spliting 3 item max between 5 players isn't real rewarding.. aand a lot of time its not 3 items.

But still there are pleanty of drops.