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12-05-2011, 09:08 AM
The new consoles need a few balance passes and some potential bug fixes. Everyone knows how ridiculous the AMS console is. The Graviton Pulse can nearly cripple a ship for up to 37 seconds (although this could be an issue related the the awful skill tree boosting things in odd ways). I suppose to broken abilities like that balance each other out in some way but it would make more sense if they were reasonable abilities first.

The game as a whole has always been about who has the most buffs and debuffs. More powers, more spam, more win. They took tier 5 PvP and allowed people to equip even more powers and abilities on the same ship at the same time. Innovative game play is all good and well, but even setting aside the pay to win here which is clearly not going to go away, there is a point where these new console abilities are too good to go without.

The consoles should come with +/- stats. Cloaking consoles might have reduced hull. The Impulse Burn might leave your engines at lower efficiency for a short time. I don't know, something creative and significant to make people think about what they are putting on their ship. With more and more powers being available at any given time, charging people a console slot just isn't significant enough anymore. Especially with the ability to pile multiples into a single ship.

On a related note, what's to prevent a ship from using something before leaving combat to swap it out for another? Should their be a global cool down on these things? Is there one that I am unaware of (admittedly I'm not all that familiar with these new things yet, or the way they work with the new "skill tree")? Is this really even an issue?