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12-05-2011, 09:27 AM
I think the OP belief of some the consoles is directly related to wether the player is skilling to take max advantage of it and/or the way the SKill Tree is set to help the abilities of some of these consoles and equipment at times.
Fix that and things may settle down.

For example, whats OP about the teleport console? nada.

The Aceton Assimilator just slapped on a vessel doesn't appear to be near as nasty as some describe by itself. If the somebody is speced to max Aceton beam though and the skills cross-over to help the console then I could see it being a nasty.

The Gaviton Pulse console appears to fall the same way. If specced for draining on a build it may be boosted by such skills. Once again just slapping it on a build as a means to slow a target dosen't appear to have the high duration of effect to me.

The Siphon Console also appears teh same way to me. Very effective if the player skills to make a drain boat but otherwise innefective unskilled.

This even seems to be the case on some weapons. Tetryons for instance seem to be boosted in their Shield Drain effectiver based on how one is skilled. Doing more testing to veriify.

Of course these are just my opinions.