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So, we encountered a problem / bug with queuing our team last night and I ended up not getting the invite for an STF.

I think I know where the problem was, but not 100% sure.

So, we'd set up a private PvE, but were having problems getting it started once we got everyone in. So, instead we formed a team of 5 and queue'd into a public queue using queue team. Only problem is, only 3 of us actually got the invite.

I *think* it's because myself and one other person still had the 'private PvE' window open and were subscribed, and thus it somehow blocked us from receiving the group queue invite?

If that's the case, it would be NICE that if your team is queue'd and the team gets a queue prompt to enter an STF that you should get the prompt even if you've got an open private queue and are still subscribed. If you join the public team-queue'd STF, then it should simply make you 'auto-leave' the private queue and join the public on you agreed to join, rather than being blocked from the public one by still being attached to the private one (which in this case happened to be defunct since there were only 2 people left in it). Both the other guy and I were both still subscribed to the private one and it looked like both of us got left in sector space rather than getting an invite. So I'm reasonably sure that was the issue...