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Originally Posted by wildcard454 View Post
What exactly is the filter on the request page for? I requested certain traits and abilities before I purchased my pack and I got no where near the DOFF's that I requested via that filter.
Those don't have anything to do with the doffs you get via purchase. That's a search function for matching/anti-matching your already-possessed doffs against the missions you're thinking about running.

The two columns of checkboxes correspond to "Must Have This Trait" and "Must Not Have This Trait." So if you want, for example, doffs that have Eidetic Memory and Logical and which DON'T have Aggressive and Unruly, you'd mark Eidetic Memory and Logical in the first column's boxes, and mark Aggressive and Unruly in the second column's boxes. You can mark as many or as few as you need, but I suggest only starting with one or two at a time, at least until you have a nice big pile of doffs.

It isn't apparent when you have low numbers of doffs to play with, but as you add more, the utility of this feature will become apparent. It really helps in min-maxing your chances of having a particular mission come out successfully or not. It is, IMO, really worth it to score a few Critical Successes as opposed to a pile of just plain Successes. I've picked up two blue pieces of Mk XI gear via CritSuccs so far, and one (relatively) large pile of Dilithium. I've also scored several rare particle traces as well.

Pay close attention to all the percentage chances in the pie graph and consider how much risk/certainty you can live with. Steady successes will inevitably grind you towards rank-up. Occasional CritSuccs will do the same, but with a much more Vegas flavor that some players might enjoy more. As with anything STO, it all comes down to your playing style and how you want to enjoy the game.