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12-05-2011, 03:13 PM
I've flown both BoPs, and both have their uses.

- More hull
- Better looking

- Slightly better turn rate
- Can heal yourself while cloaked
- Can fire torps and some abilities while cloaked*

*but depending on ability, will auto-decloak you for about 3 seconds - at times, that is a death sentence unless you get used to which skills you can and cannot use.

Both have the same number of consoles (since F2P went live)

It really seems like B'rel is a lot better, however, that hull is super low, and I get 1-shoted by BO more than I like. It starts with 21k hull, and if you put points into integrity, you can get it around 27k, which is about 2/3 of a fed escort.

All in all, I use the B'rel now, and I flew the Hegh'ta for over a year and a half and learned a lot of tricks in surviving in battles.

I would recommend beginning with the Hegh'ta, and once you learn survival techniques to where you don't die to often, then switch to the B'rel.

Another note... BoPs do not hit hard like the other escorts, their strength is their universal slots to make them versatile - many games I switch loadouts during a match to either increase defense or increase offense depending on who are my opponents.


Word of warning...If you are in a BoP, and you get tractored and Hale begins to fire on you... get ready for a respawn!

(sorry had to throw that in... he hits so hard, that you could be full shields and hull, and it won't help)