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12-05-2011, 06:21 PM
i whole-heartedly disagree in that PUGs and F2P means auto-need, thats just a bunch of BS. what can you do with items when you already have better? sell em, and what do you get? EC. thats it. does anyone need more EC? no. and those that feel they need more are just selfish, greedy *******s. not just in STO but in every freaking MMO. it undermines the whole need or greed system. if everyone needs, then why even have the system? personally, i only greed because i dont want the item to stay on the ground...making it easier to tell if theres anything to loot. im even considering greeding rare salvage, since i have all mk11 stuff, but my boffs still need purples.

BUT if youre ferengi, kudoes on RPing your race.