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12-05-2011, 06:42 PM
i have had a serious game play issue for the last 6 weeks now
i have filed 5 in game bug/gm request tickets
each ticket is marked as successful and given a ticket number
i have also logged 2 tickets in on the cryptic STO site requesting help for this issue

in 6 weeks i have recieved NO RESPONSE or even an ACKNOWLEDGMENT of my issue
in fact although my reports are marked as successful and given a ticket number, there is no record of any of my 6 tickets pertaining to this problem in the "my tickets" ui

my computer exceeds the posted minimum requirements of STO
in many technical areas my computer exceeds the posted recommended hardware/software for STO

my computer NEVER crashes or freezes for ANY other application, gaming or other.

my computer uses up to date Mcafee AV, has a top notch registry cleaner, and i run my own network with its own firewalls and ip4 subnet

my computer and network are clean as a whistle and never have a problem except for STO space combat.
i have 2 computers and a PS3 on my network and never have a problem with any other application


every 2-3 times i am involved in STO space combat my computer freezes with a black, orange, or green screen (green when fighting borg)

this started with PVP, but now the bug/freeze occurs in space PvP, space PvE, and borg red alerts.
my computer remains on, but is unresponsive, with a monocolor screen, and has to be rebooted.

when i re-enter the game i am always destroyed and often in sector space but sometimes in the space combat zone.

normally when STO detects a disconnection it promts a save mode start up option to place you in sector space.
when i return after this freeze this option is not there.

in a 4-5 hour gaming session this freeze occurs 2-3 times and is very disruptive for PvP team play, and red alerts!

i have been playing STO since 2 weeks after launch, i am a gold member who shells out 70 bucks every 90 days, and i have invested hundreds of dollars in the C-Store.

i have spent too much money and patience on this game to be ignored or mistreated by the cryptic staff.

i am NOT going to quit and/or go away.


i demand that at least an attempt be made to investigate and resolve my issue!

cryptic customer service and support is the gold standard of "epic fail" and unprofessionalism.
to go 6+ weeks without any acknowledgment of a MAJOR bug/issue just shows how innattentive and amatuer cryptic studios actual is!

this thread is one of MANY atempts to cut through cryptics never ending red tape to get someone with a pulse to look at my issue and show the least bit of courtesy and professionalism.

as such, player postings and comments are welcome, but not sought after.

i am looking for anyone in the cryptic staff to show the least bit of interest in customer service!

even if its just a moderator dishing out SPAM warnings.

at least that would be some sort of progress...