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12-05-2011, 10:55 PM
Originally Posted by maina View Post
I want a Gary 7 FE episode were we get a hot BO that changes into a cat,

Or maybe the "Organians " and thy have a conflict with the Q?

Maybe we can do one on the Dino race from Voyager that would have lived longer than any other race we've seen so far?

Maybe one around "Vash" that involves mini-games only?

I got it! A STF, that you can grind but doesn't give you anything, because a lot of people want stuff to do, but don't need the crutch of feeling good doing a WOW raid?
I've wanted a Gary 7 arc for awhile. Cryptic has some really great city artists on staff. I'd love it if the Champs and STO staffs traded a few team members for a FE series/comic series like that.

Given the use of some Champs stuff in STO, maybe they could take Champs assets and redeco them in STO's art style as a 1960s city.

My big thing there is... Redjack was supposedly possessing a Soviet in the late 60s/ealy 70s. So you could have Redjack as a Bond villain and Gary Seven as STO's own James Bond meets Doctor Who.

Y'Know... The Iconians have given Redjack access to tricobalt warheads and we have to go on a romp through 1960s San Francisco alongside Gary Seven to stop him from launching them...