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12-06-2011, 12:13 AM
id say klingons, romulans, cardassians, iconians, undine, dominion, maybe something from the delta quadrant. they all need to have STF. theres absolutely NO endgame content to speak of, and making us grind the same missions over and over for gear that is marginally better, though i believe worse, than the gear many of us had is not "content". content is developing new story lines, new STF, new missions. this game should have AT LEAST 15 STF missions (30 if you split them between ground and space).

we want content. cryptic needs to start working on this kind of end game content for us. if not, once the freebies show up and level their VA up in a day they will find out there is no reason to continue to play the game.

youve got your endgame content right here cryptic. get to work!