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12-06-2011, 12:00 AM
With Andoria, you really have two issues. The andorians -must- have a way to gain nutrition on their icy planet while at the same time you don't really expect it to look like anything but a polar ice cap on earth. That being said, perhaps what they eat and how they get it is a little different. Fish? Undersea plants? Strange Edible Lichens? Who knows. I would like to see all social zones get multiple types of missions.

More to point, I'd love to see the various klingons get more fleshed out, and each OTHER faction within the KDF get its own social area and potentially arc of missions. This isn't to say an Orion couldn't go down more the warriors path of the klingons, but I am saying that the Syndicate might give players within the KDF that Criminal sort of option. Nausicaans could have a cool raiding base or two. Gorn could have their homeworld? I've thought this a while. Additionally, a lot of interesting ground-based missions could be done in this thread to really flesh out the different storylines. I'd love to see plotlines that get thick into the depth of the Klingon Empire's new lore, and in essence new Empire. A story arc that shows perhaps what the Letheans really think about their new overlords. Its quite apparent that many of them are little more than indentured slaves, stuck on the planet because they know too much. The Gorn are a proud race, and not easily moved, what becomes of them and their figurehead king? How do they respond to the subservience of their King to the Klingon Emperor? The Orion Syndicate does whatever it wishes. They bend and shift to the tides of power, but they play all angles and do whatever they want in the face of seeming like a friend. The Nausicaans are perhaps the most similar to the Klingons, full of bloodlust, ornery, and sneaky. Their homeworld is poor, so this new alliance really gives their entire culture a boost. (Best looking ships in Star Trek too, in my opinion). These sort of situations are really RIPE for new content, new storylines etc. The Devs, if given time, could easily fill the first 20 levels with content about these things. Easily.

I also want to see more content for the Klingons in general, that isn't dragged around by the nose to fit the Federation. I've put up a post about this before, but essentially I see no reason why my Klingon captain should have to put up with Belan on Drozana. Every time Ive done that mission (and I've probably done it 100 times now), it irks me that I can't punch him. There are ways around this too. Make the Ferengi snivel, beg, and essentially make it clear that there's no way this person can be found on the base reasonably unless he can get the sensors repaired.... which would then take us on the same path as the Federation side of the arc. The same can be true of rescuing the Deferi slaves aboard the Breen vessel. Instead of doing anything sneaky, I'd love to just see Klingons launch a boarding party, and fight our way through the Breen ship, sending ribbons of Blood through the air! QAPLA! In all seriousness, the Klingons have an entirely different kind of society, and in the upcoming days I really hope they can offer the storyline to bend appropriately to their natures. They're not always the bad guys, but they're just not the most suave bunch.