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12-06-2011, 01:31 AM
uhmm good question... I would... choose... the Mirror Universe... and base the story of them trying to make a stable gateway betweeen their universe and ours... plus maybe a chance to finally see our "mirror counterparts"

Part 1:
The Terran Empire captures a starbase near Tholian space (Need tholians too) for unknown reasons.. go and take it back!

Part 2: A Terran and Tholian Fleet are doing something in orbit of a dead star... Destroy the fleet and board the Terran Flagship

Part 3: The Terran Empire has opened a rift to their realm via a Tholian station... Destroy the stations defences and find a way to close the rift.

Mini game - (story wise.. during 3) Kobiashimaru... Hold off the Terran Fleet until the rift is closed (15:00 mins) ... ( if you die.. you fail and have to restart :O)

Klingon-Cardassian ruled Qo'noS

lets just ignore the Klingon-spoon head alliance... leys just say... once upon a time.. the Terrans bomarded the **** out of Qu'nos and Cardassia.