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12-06-2011, 01:36 AM
as a previous tech support agent-not for cryptic, so dont take this as gospel-it sounds like you are having some issue with either your hardware or video drivers, or directx or something else that cant be supported by cryptic, who only can support the software of their game. im sure theres some very bright people working for their tech support department, but they wouldnt be able to train all their workforce on every permutation of hardware and software you could have so they could support something they arent getting paid for. best you could hope for is someone on the phone with you while you mess with your settings, check for updates, and really hold your hand while you do stuff you could do on your own, researching on the internet about your issue. i know no one likes to hear this but its what it is.

every business has customers they cannot help because its something they basically dont know about. and the customers, upset and not knowing where to turn, take it out on the business, thinking theyre the only one that can help.

IF this is that kind of issue, please calm down and check out your computer, your drivers, and all other third party software, making sure everything is compatible and up to date, then check your in-game settings, and see if changing anything resolves the issue. i heard the post-processing setting can do something like this. do not take shortcuts, make sure everything is how it should be. hell, even check the monitor.

i only post this because while i was at my previous job as a tech support agent, i got calls like this all the time and guess what fixes it? power cycling. seriously, no tech needed, no in-depth troubleshooting, just turning stuff on and off. people get worked up when something doesnt work, they cant do the simple steps to fix it. i apologize if this post just exacerbates the problem, but i do hope this issue gets resolved, both for d-rek's and cryptic's sake