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12-06-2011, 06:53 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Why should I have to search the forums when I'm not saying anything inflammatory?

We're talking on forums. I do not require proof of other people. Proof should not be required of me. This is a forum. It is a place for hearsay. Facts should always be the job of the interested person to find as far as I'm concerned.

There's the post. Expect that to be the last time I ever back something up with a citation. I'm not being paid to be here. I'm not a journalist. I shouldn't have to. I won't ever again.

If you want citations, find them yourself or put me on your ignore list because I have no intention of providing them as an unpaid guy who is here to shoot off his mouth about his random recollections and what he thinks is cool, not to compile facts or back them up. I do those things in certain parts of my life. I will get paid before I do them or I won't bother doing them at all though.

I don't expect them of other people. If someone intrigues me, I'll do my own digging. But I don't demand citations from other people and I won't provide them for myself. If you're so interested in the future, look it up.
I don't see any mention of the war over, just a temporary truce to fight borg.

I'm honestly bored of the carebears wanting the war to be over,

ask Klingon players if they want it to be over and they will say the same thing, we don't want it to be over, we want you gutless prime directive bootlicking cowards to hit the little button under your minimap and get in the pvp qeue!

Stop shoving your federation peace dogma down our throats!

We are Klingons and we want to kill you, we don't want to go back to being your pet pitbulls you call on when someone has to throw down and protect your happy sharing idealistic space hippy empire.

We want to put the entire alpha quadrant under our metal plated boots and make you our slaves!