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12-06-2011, 07:10 AM
I typically use Greed or Pass myself, on everything but the EDCs and Borg Salvage. The character I've so far been running STFs with pretty much has to consider all Mk X and XI rare gear to be vendor trash. It's all downgrades.

That said, when there's one person in the group Needing on everything (usually either because they're just that greedy, or occasionally because they're collecting cordazine, immuno-suppressants and anti-borg grenades for their fleet runs) there's no sense in making a big fuss about it, just use Need. If for no better reason than not letting them get away with it.

Blacklisting is a quaint idea, but it's not going to work anymore. That maybe worked when you had to sit over Sibiran and shout LF Fed Eng 4 Infected Normal, but the new system auto-groups you. And you can't kick a ninja. (Yet. I wouldn't count on Cryptic putting in a voting system for that though.) You can all leave and join a new run, but that involves a one-hour wait now...

What I think Cryptic should consider, is track the number of rolls you've encountered, and track the number of times you've used Need, Greed and Pass, over a finite period of time, say a month. The latter two aren't important, but perhaps it can be made so that the higher the percentage of times you've use Need, the lower your rolls will generally be. Say subtract half that percentage from what would've otherwise been your roll. That way, if you're going to try to ninja a lot of junk, you hurt your chances to get anything you actually need that other players will also Need on. And improve those of the people you've more or less been robbing.