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12-06-2011, 08:01 AM
What I figure is going to happen is that the "Department Head" selections we make as part of the Duty Officer section may become tied into Boff placement in our ship interiors. In a way, I think that is what they were experimenting with and is what caused the duplication bug to begin with. I say that because when I set my department heads, I noticed that the only BOffs that were listed in the default just happened to be the ones appearing on my bridge with duplicates. I had hoped that making sure all department head positions were occupied by a different BOff that the duplication would be fixed, but it wasn't

What I am hoping for is that when the fix goes in, not only will the duplication bug go away, but we will find our Boffs located in positions relevant to their status as department heads. Operations at the Helm. Tactical at a tactical console. Security at a security console. Medical in Sickbay. Engineer in Engineering. Science at the Science Station. First officer standing next to the captain's chair. etc...

I really do hope we start to get more utility out of our ship interiors...