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12-06-2011, 08:30 AM
yeah i use to be help desk too, but its been a while, now i have another job, cus it pays a little better!
but i welcome any helpful feedback

as usual, i am blown away by how awesome the STO community is...
you guys have given me some great tips, even though i have already explored many of these things prior to posting this thread on the forums

i was hoping by spamming the forums with my issue that someone, anyone, from cryptic would acknowledge my problem.
however no such luck. cryptic game support EPIC FAILS

the minimum they could do is blow me off and say "this isnt our problem" but they wont even do that... :/

BUT... i suspected that there is a 50-50 chnce this is my computer and not cryptic.

however this problem has only showed up in the last 6 weeks.
i have been playing STO on this laptop or 2 years now with no such issue.

i am GUESSING it COULD be my GPU overheating, although i have already turned down my graphics to medium levels over a year ago.
about a year ago i also set the dynamic lighting and many other settigns down, just to put frame-rate loss down to manageable levels.

for those of you who are interested here is this laptops specs:
(note its not top of the line but it doesnt suck)

CPU - AMD tuion 2.2 Ghz
GPU - radeon ATI 3250 (this is a little weak but not impossible to work with)
VIRTUAL RAM - originally set at 7 Gig, but i changed it to 15 GB about 6 months ago
HDD - 500 GB
HDD available - 300GB
Internet download speed - 12-18 MB/sec
Internet upload speed - 1-2 MB/sec

NOTE: i NEVER play without my double fan CHILL MAT

although not alien ware, my 'puter should be able to handle the game, and on medium graphics levels, used to play it quite well.
i suppose i could set the graphics in game even lower but then the game would be much less fun to play.
i have been toying with the idea of opening the laptop (since its already past warrentee) and just giving it a throrough cleaning.

hopefully, if this is my issue, and not a cruptic bug, that maybe the vents for the fan system are blocked.

but i am SO dissappointed that cryptic takes virtually no interest in player problems, even if it is just to say "not our problem"

HOWEVER, i am, as always, blown away by the helpfullness and support of the STO player community!

thank you all so much,

D the angry klingon!