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Originally Posted by Scruffy31 View Post
Can't the answer be both "yes" and "no"? Klingon governance is notoriously factional because of the "House" system.
I think this is the best solution and have long argued that the same can be true of the Federation given that Starfleet Intelligence and Section 31 exist as well as member planets who might teeter on the fringes or planets in Federation space which are not members, which is the vast majority of them; there are thousands of inhabited worlds that might qualify for Federation assistance without being members.

Take World of ********. There was no war between the Alliance and Horde until the addition of the Wrathgate/Battle for Undercity questline (which has been removed due to incompatibilities with Cataclysm), ie. flying mounts.

In WoW, the Alliance and Horde were not at war for the bulk of the game's life. However, while the governments were not at war, members of both factions were often charged with tasks that would require regarding members of the opposing faction as criminals against whom lethal force was justified. Likewise, there were subfactions such as the Stormpike dwarves who WERE engaged in wars against the Frostwolf orcs or how the League of Arathor were at war with the Forsaken Defilers.

Likewise, there were entities at the very fringes of both factions like the Scarlet Crusade and the Apothecary's Society. In general, these groups were enemies of both the Alliance and Horde but the Scarlet Crusade had diplomatic presences in several Alliance (and some neutral) strongholds and the Apothecary's Society had presences in some major Horde City's. In both cases, you would perform some minor tasks on the group's behalf (Alliance would be called to assist the SC before fighting them, Horde would assist the AC before fighting them) while generally clashing with them.

I can see this latter distinction as being quite similar to the Son'a/Baku. Starfleet officers assisted the Son'a before siding with the Bak'u and the Son'a ultimately wound up as part of the Dominion.

You also have cold wars that were really pretty hot wars in the middle east and southeast Asia in places like Afghanistan, Vietnam, and South Korea where the U.S. and Soviets supplied pretty direct support to the opposing indigenous factions.

For example... Perhaps the Zaldans (from TNG: "Coming of Age") who are a Federation member who do not believe in tact (and have webbed hands but otherwise look human) live not to far from the Kostolain. The Kostolain are a rigidly formal and bureaucratic people with protocol ministers. Lwaxana Troi's ex-fiancee Campio was from this race (TNG: "Cost of Living.")

You've got built in conflict between these cultures and they exist along the Federation/Klingon/Romulan border.

What happens when they try to ferret out Undine? The Kostolain try to make it procedural. The Zaldans take deep offense. Klingon Houses and Starfleet groups take sides. Might be even more interesting if players have SOME leeway in which side they take with Feds favoring the Kostolain and KDF favoring the Zaldans on the whole.