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12-06-2011, 09:24 AM
Originally Posted by marika.shran View Post
Great, I have bought the Tier 3 Excelsior and the Tier 3 Nebula now because I thought it would have to be bought sepurrately (I own the Tier 5 variants since they came out). Of course I was charged with 1'600 CP (2 x 800 CP) ... btw, it's also telling me that I have to re-buy the Dreadnought for 2'000 CP even though I have it in the legacy list. It's highly cunfusing, since I got so many ships, items etc. and sumtimes I don't even remember what I have bought in the past and what not.

So now I've basically lost 1'600 CP and since the tickets are never being answered nowadays, there's no way to get them back. I have an open ticket about another issue open for almost a month now, on another account though. So I won't be bothering doing a ticket anymore.
Yeah, I 'rebought' the EXETER a couple of days ago, because I couldn't remember if it was Tribble and/or Holodeck I bought it for... then I found my piece of paper that I wrote it on... (Both)

I wish the hell They'd send us some kind of IN-Game Email Notice, when we buy stuff from the C-Store.

<grumble..., grumble..., grumble...>