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12-06-2011, 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Anyone gotten an EMH on holodeck yet? I haven't seen one on holodeck, and it just came up in the doffsjob channel that a couple others haven't yet either.

I was airlocking them in batches on tribble, so I hesitate to just say bad luck. Heretic, any chance you're going forward with the idea you posted a few weeks back?

The filter's on everything that shows a list of doffs - it filters what's shown, not what you get. Useful if you just opened a ton of packs at once and only care about the blues or want to see if you finally got a security officer out of it, but not to influence which ones you get.
EMHs have not been added back to the system. When they are added, the current plan is they will be able to be replicated from your Replicator if you have achieved certain tiers in certain commendation categories.

I hadn't realized the filter was on the Request Duty Officer page, to be honest. I'll see about getting that removed to minimize confusion from people who thought that would determine what they got in a pack.