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12-06-2011, 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by Tekaoh
ahh ok good to know. Does this let me see which DOff I will be awarded before pressing complete? So that I can try to replace a similar DOff and keep a variety of specializations.
Some of the Recruitment missions reward packs (which are random assortments) and others reward specific assignment DOffs (such as Tactical or Science). For the assignment versions the mission will show images of the officers you should be receiving, however, this is currently bugged and does not show the actual DOffs you will get upon completion.

In short, no. There is no way to tell what Duty Officers you will be rewarded.

So, you can't plan ahead further than deleting Tactical DOffs if it's a Tactical recruitment or Science DOffs if it's Science recruitment. And even then it's a fifty-fifty shot between Tactical or Security and Science or Medical.