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12-06-2011, 01:24 PM
Keep in mind that the game is going F2P in January. Instead of the cost to play the game, your lifetime subscription go to pay for a stipend of C-Points.

(The following figures are in USD, so please keep that in mind. I don't know the numbers for GBP, or I would run that math for you instead.)
  • C-Points are worth $0.0125 each ($6.25 / 500)
  • One month's allotment (400 points) is worth $5
  • The lifetime subscription is on sale for $200 right now
  • At 400 points per month, you will have to wait for 40 months (3 years, 4 months) ($200 / 5) before you receive your money's worth in C-Points.

With F2P not gating any content, and P2P not providing any REAL incentives, the only thing you're buying is C-Points. If you plan to play every month for the next 3 years, then go for it. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it.