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12-06-2011, 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by Magmafire2374 View Post
tired it again a little while later, and still not getting credit towards the accolade
The devs had discussed not letting the foundry mission count toward the kill accolades. I think they did this because there were foundry mission that just spawned one type of enemy over and over again and you could get the accolade very quickly. They want everything to go slow. All I know is that for my Hirogen accolade I must have done "Hunting the Hunters" about 50 times, but I would stop before finishing it and go back later, it would reset to the beginning and I'd get to kill all of them again without having to restart the mission.....

You just have to get these accolades the regular way now.... This also means you can't get the Fek'Ihri accolades for your Federation character anymore ....