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12-06-2011, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by Blasten_Blaster View Post
well i do like more hull and the Hegh'Ta is better looking.

what skils and consoles should i use 1 person told me

Commander: TT1 ApB1 BO3 CRF3
Ltc: HE1 TSS2 TSS3
Lt: TB1 PO1

what do u say i want to have various option to test out that worked for others
There are many good configurations for BoPs because of the universal slots. The one shown above I've used before so it will work. However, I'm more defensive in my playstyle, and at the beginning, it will take some getting used to the BoP. This is what I would suggest:

Commander: TT1, TT2, CRF2, CRF3
LtC: EPtE1, EPtW2, EPtS3
Lt. HE1, TSS2
Lt: HE1, TSS2

Put your weapons and engines at 75, and don't slow down. Yes, you will be making passes on your target, but as people begin to target you, you have a lot of maneuverability. These defenses will hold up well, and when you get in trouble, use EM and you will rocket out of there (due to your high engine power).

I like high speed as it helps in many situations. You are harder to tractor, you can normally get out of Gravety Wells with little difficulty, when they hit you with Tykon's Rift, you are normally out of the range before it takes effect, etc.

Along with that, you have an equivalent of 5 shield skills,and 2 hull heals. With the 3 EPtX skills, it helps on disables (target system attacks), and yet you can still do damage with your cannons. For loadouts I would go with 4DHC, and 2 Turrents (I prefer phasers or polarons due to disabling ability - which helps with your defense). I also use shield and eingine batteries for emergencies when my engines or shields go offline.

I am an engineer, so with that setup, I'm not easy to take down 1v1 - unless I get critted by a BO.