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So I finally get around to checking on my one alt that's still leveling.

Left Season 4 at Captain/2, about to finish the Romulan front. (Captain/2 was about 2 levels above the "optimum" level for these missions.) Had "Trapped" in the mission queue, which would have completed the series for this character. (Ran the Reman Featured Episodes the first time through at around level 12, IIRC.)

Enter Season 5, and I run "Trapped", which boosts me to Captain/3 (level 33). I hail T'nae for my transfer to DS9, and discover that I need to be level 40 to proceed.

Yep. This character needs to grind 7 more levels before she can proceed to the next storyline mission. :p

Oh well. DOff assignments, replays, and dailies, here I come...