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12-07-2011, 01:02 AM
They are called Tachyon Drones and come as a hangar bay craft on the corsair flight deck cruiser. After you claim it from the c-store you can just equip them in your other carriers/flight-deck cruiser. They only seem to list their drain as -3 per facing but it seems it's much more than that/scales too well with skilling.

In PvE they don't seem to work so well. First thing to die, as the ai loves to target them above players, guess PvP is what they are good for.

When I tried them on my kar'fi it seems that I can only deploy 2 max, but on flight deck cruisers 4 will pop out at a time, not sure if that is a bug or not.

Plasmonic leech console from a vandal put on a bird of prey with polaron cannons/turrets and a aceton assimilator from the draguas science vessel seems to be a nasty combo for leeching power also. well, provided nobody fires torpedoes/kinetic damage at the assimilator and stay within range of it.

I'm not fully specced into boosting aceton assimilator or have consoles but it lists it as having -30 all power systems each second to target (aoe around itself in about 4-5km it seems) and can drop 2 of them at a time.