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12-07-2011, 12:21 AM
We've had a rule in my fleet about rolling greed if you want stuff, and then saving need for an as-requested basis. With the STFs, it's simply caused my fleet members to lose out on the few times they've had a chance at good drops when doing pugs, so I've advised them to watch and roll need if people start needing things. I don't like the need/greed system as a rule. Someone always rolls need, thus making everyone else in the group lose out. Due to the constant PUGs, I've made a habbit of saying "Roll need on all borg drops if you want it," while all regular drops remain greed.

It reminds me of a time in *** when I was playing a magic user, and running low on potions, and the warrior who asked to join me was rolling need on all the mana potions. The pugs are essentially that, but I've been with some very good groups who aren't need-crazy. For the most part, it's just common sense to roll need of you see rare salvage or EDCs, given that someone always will, and when you roll greed, you'll lose.

I'll have to see if master-looter is available for a pre-made team.