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12-07-2011, 07:02 AM
1.) They're getting updated, supposedly, but for now the doff system gives some of its most generous CXP for diplomacy.

2.) I just posted a comment about this here:

Limiting yourself to 50 doffs is going to immensely limit your ability to use the system, subtract 10 for the active roster adn throw an arbitrary number in sickbay... and at least colonists don't count against your crew size, because you're going to be having a hard time of it. On this subject, the Defiant also only carries two shuttles that can carry two people each, so having up to 20 teams up to 5 people each operating independently from the ship and returning on their own is a bigger question than having a few extra people aboard.

But also, keep in mind the Defiant's crew is 50, but it can carry more people than that. According to the technical manual its carry limit is either 150 or 190 (the DS9 tech manual was ambiguous as to whether the carry limit was including or in addition to the standard crew). 100 doffs, 20 passengers, 20 prisoners, 12 boff candidates, 5 boffs (or more), your captain, toss in a few horta or extra boff slots... you can probably break even that number eventually if you count enough things as crew, but suspended disbelief won't have to kick in until they put their planned roster expansion in the C store.