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12-07-2011, 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by Alblaze
Yeah f that.I paid lifetime so they can make it sli and not trying to find ways to enable it.I have many things in my mind to search how to enable it plus i dont want any third party programs.
Unless you consider the Nvidia video driveritself 'third party software', there's no third party software required. Just a few settings changes to the default STO profile (if it still exits in the driver.) The fact is, unless a developer paid NVidia to create a profile - most games that will work with SLI require some tweaking and the funny thing aboiut SLI - in a lot of the canned profiles NVidia provides; they set what they call 'compatability mode' - which in fact turns SLI off.

I've always considered SLI and Crossfire a rip off by Nvidia and ATI in an attempt to just seel more cards. I used it back when it was the 'new' thing; and that's when I foiund that Nvidia at least defauklts to turning it off in most of their inncluded profiles; and you have to go in (usuing their interface provided with the driver) and enable it yourself.