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12-07-2011, 03:03 PM
Not knowing what you do or don't know forgive me if I say something you might already know.
I ran infected just before the push.
this is how I did it.
Make sure every one understands that the "ghost buster" gun from the devidain missions is two damage types(you can almost get 7 shots before remoding). Plus make sure every one has sniper weapons of different energy types , no one should have the same energy type..
While she is making her speach : the medic / super tank healer will move to the center platform and every one else moves out to the corners, but away from the green plasma falling from the ceiling.
You have your medic be the one she targets. That person can take the hits. Every one else hits her with what they have. Using tuns of : hipos, shield charges, and power cells. If you have tribble of Borg make good use of it as well.
Note she uses the chain lightning gun like in cure but not as far reaching.