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12-07-2011, 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by Dradym
spread away from each other, including generators and other "pets". dont shoot her while you have the blue circle on you. be careful of other borg. have at her. she is most of the time really easy if you follow these instructions. unless you have people drop.
Pretty much this. I've done Infected Ground probably a half-dozen times since the new season went live, and only had 1 run require repeated attempts because everyone refused to spread out and kept shooting the boss while marked.

What works in particular for me as an Engineer is strategic use of the Bunker kit and Cover Shield. I find a good quiet corner where Borg spawns were recently killed so I don't have to worry about being flanked, drop my medical and shield generators then put a Cover Shield up in front of them. I stay behind the shield and shoot the boss with a sniper rifle around the sides. If I start taking focused fire from the boss and/or get marked, I drop back behind the shield and let my generators do their job. If you've got a good team of friends who understand not to fire when marked, it helps to even have two people behind a Cover Shield so that if one goes down, the other can provide resuscitation while remaining under cover, and both benefit from the generators.