Thread: Need vs greed
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12-07-2011, 07:39 PM
I used to just click greed on just about everything. Then I started playing the new STFs. I noticed that I accidentally clicked it on a data chip when everyone else "needed" it and I also noticed that some people will "need" on everything. Then I started announcing that I was going to press need on everything and suggest everyone else do the same, but I got tired of that, so I am back to just "greeding" on everything but Borg salvage.

However, sometimes if I notice that one person "needs" on almost everything, I will start doing the same.

I do think that Cryptic should make a modifier that lowers your chance of rolling a high number on need the more you use it in a mission or time period. That would encourage people to use "greed" more often when they roll schlock they do not really need since choosing "need" will put them at a disadvantage for rolling borg tech.