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12-07-2011, 07:42 PM
I dont know anything about NOT claiming ships bought on one character but not being able to claim on another.

Here is what I DO know as a matter of fact.

There is a display issue with the C-store Verson 2.0 that shows you have to purchase the ships bought before C-store 2.0. This affects me with several ships including ALL 3 VA SHIPS that I purchased with C points. I have submitted a ticket on it and I was told that YES I did have them and I could verify by going to the ESD ship store to claim. I would suggest that you look into that when you can't "claim" a ship that was purchased on another character.

What I have heard and can prove to this point:

The Devs have said repeatedly, that ship unlocks WILL BE account wide. While the other items will be character unlocks, the ships will remain (to this point) account wide.

The best thing we can do is to let Brandon see the thread and get you an offical feedback on it instead of getting upset over rumors.

Also, keep an eye on the Dev posts section of the fourms. Alot of the T3 Excelsior/Nebula information has already been addressed in other posts.