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12-07-2011, 08:06 PM
Originally Posted by Tenkari
they would need to change the structure then. Because if everyne greeds, then one person needs. that one person who clicked need automatically gets it.

If you need it. you roll on it when the greeds dont. so basically, if only one person needs everything they pretty much automatically get it all.
I think perhaps I need to communicate my point more clearly.

Right now I believe your chance of getting an item via need is 1/n where n is the number of players who choose "need" on the item.

What cryptic could do is change it so your chance is 1/(n+p) where p is initially zero but increases in proportion to the number of times you choose "need".

That way, the more you choose need , the lower your chances of rolling a high number and thus the lower your chances are in comparison to someone who chooses greed on virtually everything.

That means yes, if you choose need and everyone else chooses greed you will still get the item but. . . when something you really want comes up and everyone chooses need, your chances of getting the item will be lower than theirs.